Recycling Update (8/7/23)

—Recycling is CLOSED until further notice—

Please do not leave anything outside of the bins.

We do not have an update on when ABC Sanitation will have their trucks repaired and begin servicing our recycling center and surrounding towns. They have brought in a different mechanic to look at the issues.  We have looked into other vendors and the cost is prohibitive to switch.

You can arrange and pay for curb side service at your residents.

You can toss with your regular garbage.

Or you can take your items to: Illini Recycling located at 420 Paul Avenue in Champaign (located down the street from the Salvation Army on Market Street~~see the directions below)


416 Paul Ave.
PO Box 153
Champaign, Il. 61824


We accept only the following items at our Recycling Drop Off Center:

  • Cardboard
  • Magazines
  • Newspaper
  • Office paper
  • #1-#7 Plastic bottles
  • Tin food cans
  • Aluminum cans
  • Aluminum foil/pans

Unlike our curbside recycling pickup we DO NOT accept any glass at our Recycling Drop Off Center.

We do not accept: garbage, styrofoam, plastic grocery bags, plastic toys or plastic items not marked with the recycling symbol. For drop off we do not accept commingled materials or “mixed paper”. Items MUST be separated. There is a container for newspaper/magazines/catalogs and a separate container for office paper/junk-mail. Plastic bottles #1-#7 can be placed in the same container, but that is separate from the one for tin and aluminum cans.

PLEASE DO NOT MIX RECYCLABLES when using the drop off site.

Drop off Location:
Drop off containers are located on the south side of our Recycling Center at 420 Paul Ave. in Champaign.

(See the map on our Contact Us page) We recommend you take Wilbur Avenue to Fifth Street and then turn left on Paul. Containers will then be on your right hand side.

***Items for drop off should be cleaned and placed in their designated containers.


Please follow the rules and regulations when dropping off. The village is still working on a solution for our recycling center.