Fireman's field was donated by and built in

The ballpark is used as the home field for the majority of teams that are part of the Philo Park District Summer Baseball and Softball Programs.  Additional information can be found at

The park is also occasionally used for softball or baseball tournament games. If you are interested in hosting a tournament then contact us to learn how to rent the field.


Located on the far north side of Philo, Hale Park is a the largest park in Philo and features a pavilion that is often used for family gatherings and social events.  

The park includes a playground, basketball court and a large area that can be used for just about anything you could image. 

The park and pavilion can be reserved.  Contact us for more details.


You'll find this park on the southeast corner of Adams and McKinley. 

The park has a small ball field that is often used for our youngest ball teams such as tee ball and coach pitch. 

The park also includes playgrounds that are more suitable for smaller children.  

Other park amenities include a batting cage, concession building and picnic tables.


This small park was created in memory of Caleb O'Neill and provides a small playground area for children on the east side of Philo. 

The park is located on Clover Lane just off of Jefferson Street.