Agenda — February 14, 2018

Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees
Village of Philo, IL
February 14, 2018

• Call to Order
• Approval of January 10, 2018 Board Minutes
• Approval of Accounts Payable for specified time period

Guest(s): Sheriff Candidate–Greg Worrell;  Good Energy — Jerod McMorris

Discussion with VILLAGE ENGINEER
• Draws/Pay Requests
• Detention Basin Drainage Project Update
• Roughton (101 N. Cleveland St.) Drainage Update
• Willow Run III Maintenance Bond
• MFT Close Out
• Subdivision waiver for Darrell & Regina Rice
• As Presented

Discussion with VILLAGE ATTORNEY
• Philo Liquor License Application
• Resolution to Authorize Pat Pioletti to sign Good Energy Contract
• As Presented

Discussion with DAVID TRAXLER
• Number of Building Permits Issued in January
• Presentation of new scoreboard/controls quotes for approval
• Community Clean-up Day & Recycling — May 5
• As Presented

• January 2018 Financial Report
• As Presented

Old Business
• Philo Gas & Car Wash Ownership Change
• Residential Electronics Recycling — Village Participation Request
• Village of Philo Handbook
• As Presented

New Business
• REFMC Reports
• Presentation and approval of Hugs and Bugs Lease Renewal
• Good Energy Electric Aggregation Program–Jerod McMorris
• As Presented

Miscellaneous Discussion:

Motion to Adjourn