Recycling Update — November 30, 2023

The recycling drop off is open again! We hope it stays open this time.

As we are in the holiday season, which is always one of the busiest times at the recycle bins, please adhere to the rules set for recycling so that the privilege is not lost for all. Please note the following:

* The recycle bins are for Village of Philo and Philo Township residents ONLY

* If the bins are full, take your items back with you instead of dumping them on the ground (this is illegal dumping)

* Break down ALL boxes! This leaves more room in the bins

* Make sure the doors on the bins are closed after you use them

* Only place approved recyclable items in the bins. Below is a list of approved items from the company:

Acceptable Recyclable Items:

  • Newspaper
    • Must be dry, or it is not acceptable
    • Advertisements and color inserts
  • Cardboard
    • Please breakdown and flatten
    • Large amounts of cardboard should be tied or taped together
    • No milk or juice cartons
    • Paper grocery sacks are accepted
    • Cereal boxes are accepted — the liner must be removed
    • Pizza boxes with grease are not acceptable
  • Paper
    • Must be dry or it is not acceptable
    • Writing/Typing paper
    • Computer paper
    • Magazines, catalogues
    • Junk mail, including window envelopes
  • Glass Bottles/Jars
    • Please rinse before recycling; labels can stay on
    • Discard lids
    • Brown, Clear and Green accepted
    • No ceramics, crystal or mirrors
  • Tin Cans
    • Labels can stay on cans
    • Please rinse before recycling
  • Aluminum cans
    • Crushing will help create more room in the bins
  • Plastic
    • Plastics with #1 through #7 on the bottom of the containers are acceptable
    • Milk, laundry detergent, liquid soap, shampoo, bleach bottles and soda bottles should be rinsed out before recycling
    • Lids can be left on