Recycling Center

The recycling bins will be returned to their regular area under the water tower on Monday, June 1.  The village and township combined funds and resources to update and fix the area so there is safer footing for residents using the area.  This is a free service to village and township residents.  NOTHING is to be left outside of the bins.  The company WILL NOT pick it up and dispose of it.  This falls to the village staff creating extra (unnecessary) work and excess cost for the village.  Several years ago, security cameras were installed in the area because the area was being abused and landfill items were being dumped outside of the bins. Do your part to help keep the recycling area clear of debris.  If the bins are full, come back another day.

What can be in the bins:

  • Newspaper — All paper products should be in plastic bags
  •  Books
  •  Paper & Magazines
  • Tin Cans
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Glass Bottles & Jars
  • Plastics (PETE, HDPE 1 or 2)

Not Allowed:

  •  NOTHING is to be left outside of the bins (t.v.’s, plastic swimming pools, metal, etc.)
  •  Car Batteries
  •  Motor oil
  •  Any liquids or paint