Municipal Aggregation Program

Dear Village Residents:

Many of you received letters from Homefield Energy stating that you are automatically enrolled in the electric municipal aggregation program. This is a program that the Village of Philo has participated in since 2013 in an effort to bring more affordable electric costs to village residents. You may have been a part of this program from the beginning or opted-in somewhere along the way. This is why you are receiving the letters. Your Ameren bill will show (on page 3, I think) who your electric supplier is. You have the right to opt-out of this program you will be locked into the Ameren (or supplier of your choice) variable rate for 12 months .

Below is information from our representative with Good Energy that helps the village with these contracts:

“ As a reminder, we decided to pass through the Capacity component. That has proven to be a very wise decision. The 2023/24 Capacity number is $0.00387. In comparison the previous year’s capacity was $0.0245 this represents an enormous savings for your communities.  

Capacity will be restated every April, so a new opt out letter will be sent out in June 2024 and June 2025 for this 24 month contract term. 

What will not change is the base price that was negotiated this Spring ($0.08857).  

The non summer Ameren price to compare is $0.0845. However, we feel that the new winter rate that will start in January 2024 will be very close if not over your Aggregation rate. Ameren has requested and has been approved a 1.3 Billion dollar increase starting in January 2024. Much of that increase will be added into the Ameren Supply in the form of Transmission fees that will increase their tariff rate. In addition this current opt out letter will cover June and July 2024 when we expect Capacity to soar back to last year’s numbers. This will offer protection from Ameren’s 2024 summer rates and stability for your residents.”

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions and Terms & Conditions of Service. There is a Customer Care toll free number (866) 694-1262 or email address if you have further questions.


Village of Philo