Meeting – May 2017

May 10, 2017

The meeting was called to order by President Larry Franks at 7:00 p.m. at the R.E. Franks Center in the Eileen Painter room.

GUESTS: Dave Atchley, Marc Miller, Dave Traxler, Janet Decker, Rod Schweighart, Dave Schum, Becky Schum, Denish Chawla, Karl Harris, Chris Payne and Christine Walsh.

CALL TO ORDER: Clerk Kirby swore in President Elect Larry Franks and then John Mumma, Steve Sappenfield and Patrick Pioletti were sworn in as Trustees. President Franks then asked that then requested Judy Kirby be appointed Village Clerk and Rod Schweighart be appointed Village Treasurer. A motion by Steve Sappenfield, seconded by Trustee Paul Brady was made to re-appoint Judy Kirby as Clerk and Rod Schweighart as Treasurer. Voice vote, all “aye’s” motion carried unanimously.

ROLL CALL: Present-Trustees John Mumma, Steve Messman, Steve Sappenfield, Pat Pioletti, Rachael Garrett and Paul Brady.

MINUTES: Trustee Pat Pioletti made a motion, seconded by Trustee Steve Messman, to approve the minutes of April 12, 2017. Voice vote, all “aye’s” motion carried unanimously.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE WARRANT: Trustee Patrick Pioletti made a motion, seconded by Trustee John Mumma, to approve the payment of bills as presented. Roll call vote; “aye’s” Trustees Mumma, Messman, Sappenfield, Pioletti, Garrett and Brady. Motion passed unanimously.

Karl Harris: Karl wishes the Board had not approved golf carts. He wants to know what to do to stop them running them on park and ball park property. Trustee Brady commented that the ordinance does not allow ATV’s and carts are to operate on village streets. Karl thinks it’s ridiculous and wants to know how to police. President Franks stated he will call the county sheriff. Trustee Mumma said that’s fine, but they normally do a fine job of protecting his shed. The biggest offense is kids driving the carts or ATV’s not adults. Drivers of carts must have driver’s license. Karl also suggested getting rid of the junk trees on West Washington and plant some flowering trees to clean up that area. He said he really loves Philo. President Franks said his comments are noted.

Denish Chawla: Denish said his new business opened last week. The process took longer than expected. He thought the games would be coming 3 weeks after the 19th, but on the 20th they were approved by the Gaming Board at 6:00 and then they pushed for them to go live. Denish explained the State gave him a combined license for wine and beer. He plans to have his wine (like he told Village) and specialty beers to comply with license and State inspections. Denish also spoke to Bob Daly about any concerns. The Board thanked him for the update and told him the gas station improvements looked very good. Mr. Chawla said he wants to be a “good neighbor” and his next plan is to improve the parking lot.

Schum: Resident at 403 Washington Street thanked the Board for helping with septic issue. A broken tile was discovered after multiple pumping of their septic tank and S&S Construction digging to investigate the problem. She requested the reimbursement for the two times they had their septic pumped out. President Franks commented it was bad how it is set up, 12 feet from the house.

The tile has been repaired ($1,094) and the Village also was billed for 2 pump outs ($981). Trustee Mumma felt it was former homeowners, not Schum, that made the problem. President Franks doesn’t have a problem paying for their pump outs, but is concerned how it (their septic & drainage) is set up. Trustee Pioletti doesn’t like that the line is still there & we haven’t solved the problem, it is still an active component. He said regarding reimbursement, doesn’t want to open that door. Trustee Garrett did not want to discuss septic problems. Trustee Brady said 1) This would be precedence setting & 2) Not really Schum’s fault, but why septic near (tile) but price has to be paid. In 1984 no controls and now inspections for septic are completed. Schum’s appreciated Larry Frank’s help. Larry said it is a Village tile and Village water thru tile when septic put in broken, then repaired and it gave way. It worked from 1984 till 11 months ago. Chris Payne commented “now, public health inspects.” Trustee Pioletti made a motion, seconded by Trustee Garrett, to approve the reimbursement in the amount of $817.00. Roll call vote; “aye’s Trustees Messman, Pioletti and Garrett and “nay’s” Trustees Mumma, Sappenfield and Brady. President Franks broke the tie with an “aye” vote. Motion passed 4-3. Board agreed they need to do utmost to re-route, as it was Village tile and it was not put in right. It was noted that the Village tile was keeping your dry. David Schum said he wished we had sanitary sewer and Becky said she appreciated what Larry Franks did for them.

Village Engineer: No pay requests. Dave Atchley presented the 2017 MFT Program. Estimated engineering cost was $4,945.96 and maintenance at $46,199.55 for a total of $51,145.51. Trustee Pat Pioletti made a motion, seconded by Trustee Paul Brady, to pass the 2017 MFT Resolution in the amount of $55,000.00. Roll call vote; “Aye’s” Trustees Mumma, Messman, Sappenfield, Pioletti, Garrett and Brady. Motion passed unanimously. Repairing intersections and checking out an oil/chip machine was discussed.

Village engineer was asked to determine feasibility of re-routing the tile at Schum residence.

Village Attorney: Marc presented the Prevailing Wage Ordinance and commented that we rely on the State to determine rates, and since they haven’t yet, ours is based on July 2015 amounts. He recommended passage of the Ordinance. Trustee John Mumma made a motion, seconded by Trustee Pat Pioletti, to pass Ordinance No. 2017-609 The PREVAILING WAGE ORDINANCE . “Roll call vote; “Aye’s” Trustees Mumma, Messman, Sappenfield, Pioletti, Garrett and Brady. Motion passed unanimously.

Marc reminded the Board the appropriations need to be completed and passed at the July meeting. The finance committee (Judy Kirby, Larry Franks, Steve Sappenfield, John Mumma and Paul Brady) set a meeting for Wednesday, May 17, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. Janet will post the notice. Their recommendations will be presented to the Board at the June meeting for review and then amounts forwarded to the Village Attorney to prepare the Ordinance for the July meeting.

Village Maintenance: Dave Traxler reported no permits. No other issues presented by Dave T. or from the Board.

Village Treasurer: Rod said everything looked good. He spoke to the Regional Plan Commission regarding future borrowing if needed for the drainage project and they indicated they will need our year end reports. Rod suggested splitting 50% from them and 50% from the bank.

Old Business: The Philo Ball Park Association Profit & Loss Report was presented by Steve Sappenfield.
Trustee Pioletti asked if the jersey issue was resolved, and Steve S. responded “yes”. Steve S. said they
possibly will do drainage work there this fall. The screen for the batting cage will be done. Trustee Pat Pioletti made a motion, seconded by Trustee Steve Messman, to approve a donation of $3,000.00 to the Philo Park Association. Roll call vote; “Aye’s” Trustees Mumma, Messman, Sappenfield, Pioletti, Garrett and Brady. Motion passed unanimously.

The need for a computer for ESDA was discussed. Currently Chris Luth uses his phone, but what if he isn’t there. A basic computer would be about $400 to $600. Trustee Steve Sappenfield made a motion, seconded by Trustee Pat Pioletti to purchase a computer for ESDA, not to exceed $600.00. Roll call vote; “Aye’s” Trustees Mumma, Messman, Sappenfield, Pioletti, Garrett and Brady. Motion passed unanimously.

New Business: Janet presented her REFMC report. Trustee Pioletti asked if we have Wi-Fi in the gym, separate from the office. We do and it is password protected. Pat suggested we promote that feature. Janet commented that next month she will have an annual report for comparison with prior year.

Janet’s request to change the office hours was discussed. She indicated she tracked when most calls are received and when people come to the office and it is usually around 10:00. She suggested changing the hours to 8-11 or 9-noon. President Franks indicated he wants the hours to be consistent. The Board agreed and suggested notification in the newsletter and posting the new hours of 8 to 11 a.m. to start June 1, 2017.

The Plan Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals may be combined if approved by ordinance, passed by the Village Board. It was suggested two people co-chair the combined commission with a total of seven (7) members.

Miscellaneous Discussion:
Trustee Brady-Nothing
Trustee Garrett-Nothing
Trustee Pioletti-Pat reported that of the 18 mums that were planted, all died. He will do some replanting and clean up at the “Welcome to Philo” sign.
Clerk Kirby-Nothing
Trustee Sappenfield-Nothing
Trustee Mumma-Nothing
President Franks-Larry refreshed Dollar General memory of issues. The horse weeds are to be taken care of and the dead trees. There is still a couch at the dumpster. He will ask Janet Decker send a letter to 102 Lincoln about time to mow. There were nine (9) dumpsters plus electronic pick-up at the cleanup day.

Motion to Adjourn: Trustee John Mumma made a motion, seconded by Trustee Pat Pioletti, to adjourn the meeting. Voice vote; all “aye’s” meeting adjourned at 8:43 p.m.