April 11, 2018 — Meeting Minutes

Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees
Village Of Philo, Illinois
April 11, 2018

The meeting was called to order by President Larry Franks at 7:00 p.m. at the R.E. Franks Center in the Eileen Painter room.

GUESTS: Chris Luth, Chad Daly, Bob Daly, Mindy Basi, Dave Traxler, Tom Payne, Chris Payne, Karl Helmink, Tarah Block, Dave Atchley, Marc Miller, Janet Decker, Jim & Kathy Forrest.

ROLL CALL: Present-Trustees Mumma, Messman, Sappenfield, Garrett and Brady. Absent – Trustee Pioletti.

MINUTES: Trustee Paul Brady made a motion, seconded by Trustee John Mumma, to approve the minutes of March 14, 2018. Voice vote, all “ayes” motion carried unanimously.

ACCOUNTS PAYABLE WARRANT: Clerk Kirby noted one addition to the bills presented in the amount of $184.00 to 51 Fire/Safety. Trustee Steve Messman made a motion, seconded by Trustee Rachael Garrett to approve the payment of bills as presented. Roll call vote; “ayes” Trustees Mumma, Messman, Sappenfield, Garrett and Brady. Motion passed unanimously.

Bob Day- Stated 2 or 3 years ago mentioned buying building next to bar and is still interested in the property. Bob also said there are five (5) places (on same water line) that runs into the building which is causing problems with water pressure and stools won’t flush at the bar. Mr. Daly also mentioned notice from water company regarding backflow. If the Village ever wants to sell our building, he would like to buy it for office space and possibly for a place for kids to go. President Franks and the Board indicated they will look into the water line issue.
Tarah Block – Returned to board meeting to learn what people thought of the boutique and gaming proposal she brought to the Board at a prior meeting. Trustee Brady asked Tarah about ADA and she indicated they are looking into a chair lift. He also asked about bathrooms & septic. Tarah said if seating for five people; don’t need 2 bathrooms. Trustee Brady stated she would need to address these issues before new liquor license/gambling could be acted on by the Board. Trustee Garrett said not against new business, just don’t want (new gaming) to take away from existing gaming. Trustee Brady added finite number of gamblers. Tarah said it is just random where people play. Trustee Sappenfield sees both sides and thinks Paul might be wrong, already had two places that is public knowledge but wine nitch, maybe same. Do we need same type of parlor? Saturating Champaign/Urbana about 50/50. Tarah commented she really wants business in Philo and only can handle if gambling & knows might not be approved but has to try. Trustee Messman want to fill empty building but not set precedent of all new business to want gambling. Trustee Mumma said, “like I said before, I drink, I gamble & don’t want to say you can’t have it”. People he heard from don’t want it. We just hear negative and we can’t say others (with machines) will lose customers. He is on the fence and indicated if you come I would support you. Tarah reiterated that you only hear negative. Trustee Mumma said he applauded her for
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wanting to be with her kids and understands need for revenue. President Franks appreciated her coming. Philo resident Tom Payne commented that gambling is close to saturation point in Illinois. He cited statistics that 2013 to 2015 increase, 2016 slight decrease and 2016-2017 revenues were flat. Tom also agreed with Trustee Messman’s comment about setting a precedent, that is say a sewing store that also wants machines to help pay for business. He also is concerned about the quality of the community. Resident Jim Forrest asked about their hours and commented cutting the pie thin and felt dangerous for business plan to work off other business. President Franks says slippery slope to add to other business, not up the President or Board to decide if business makes it. Competition comes and you make it better or not. He also feels not good precedence for gambling and like Trustee Mumma has said “I don’t represent me but Village residents.” The Board will vote at the May meeting, so not to delay 6 to 8 months, give her answer.
Village Engineer – Dave Atchley indicated there were no draws. He has not yet submitted information to the drainage committee and asked if they could meet next Wednesday at 6:30, April 18th. Dollar General was discussed and President Franks said we could discuss until we are blue in the face, but if south side of the building goes, it’s their issue. He also asked Trustee Brady for his input of what to do.
Village Attorney – No issues or questions for Marc Miller.
Village Maintenance – Dave Traxler reported one (1) building permit. He is still working on the burn pile. He said it would be $80 per ton if over 3 yards and $75 per hour per truck to haul. Dave T. said there is one place in Danville that will take at no charge; we would just have hauling charge. He has already moved 5 loads and stated if we don’t have any big storms, might get by. Trustee Sappenfield asked about how many loads would there be and Trustee Mumma said more than ten and probably more like twenty. After discussing, the Board thought it would be good to take many 5 or 6 loads and set up a maintenance plan going forward.
Dave T. presented information regarding a different deck for one of the mowers or a new 2017 mower. Trustee Paul Brady made a motion, seconded by Trustee Steve Sappenfield, to purchase the new mower for $8,617.00. Roll call vote; “ayes” Trustees Mumma, Messman, Sappenfield, Garrett and Brady. Motion passed unanimously.
Pot holes will be taken care of as weather permits.
Village Treasurer – Rod Schweighart was not present. If the Board has any questions regarding the computer generated reports presented, let President Franks know and he will ask Rod.
Old Business – President Franks reported that the Planning & Zoning Commission is completing the final draft for zoning and then will have the subdivision ordinance. He said Stephanie has done a great job. Chris Payne said with the table of contents it will help Janet Decker answer questions. Trustee Brady extended a thank you to Dave Atchley and Stephanie’s help. People will be able to complete applications on line, the information is very understandable and easy to update.
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Boutique/Gaming Parlor was already discussed.
Village of Philo Handbook-Trustee Sappenfield indicated he is waiting on feedback from the Board. He commented the job descriptions are out of whack. President Franks asked everybody to look at the handbook and give their comments. He hopes to discuss and adopt before the next salary review.
New Business – Janet presented the REFMC reports.
President Franks asked for the Board’s approval to appoint Trustee Mumma Pro-Temp Mayor. Trustee Steve Sappenfield made a motion, seconded by Trustee Rachael Garrett, to appoint Trustee Mumma President Pro-Temp from April 23 through April 26. Voice vote, all “ayes”. Motion passed unanimously.
Trustee Brady-Nothing
Trustee Garrett-Commented that a group of people would like to have a Philo Fun Day, just on Saturday & coordinate it with the Run4Raley.
Clerk Kirby-Noted it is time to think about Appropriations for 2018-19. The committee is John, Paul, Steve, Larry & Judy.
Trustee Sappenfield-Requested a donation to the Park Association
Trustee Messman-Nothing
Trustee Mumma-Nothing
President Franks commented that the drainage looks good.
Motion to Adjourn – Trustee Brady made a motion, seconded by Trustee Sappenfield, to adjourn the meeting. Voice vote, all “ayes”, motion passed unanimously. Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

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Village Clerk, Judy Kirby                                                                                               Mayor Larry Franks

Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees
Village of Philo, IL
April 11, 2018

• Call to Order
• Approval of March 14, 2018 Board Minutes
• Approval of Accounts Payable for specified time period

Guest(s): Bob Daly; Tarah Block; Tom Payne

Discussion with VILLAGE ENGINEER
• Draws/Pay Requests
• Detention Basin Drainage Project Update
• Roughton (101 N. Cleveland St.) Drainage Update
• As Presented

Discussion with VILLAGE ATTORNEY
• As Presented

Discussion with DAVID TRAXLER
• Number of Building Permits Issued in March
• Burn Pile Removal Update
• Request to Trade Mowers
• As Presented

• March 2018 Financial Report
• As Presented

Old Business
• Planning Commission Zoning Ordinance Update
• Children’s Boutique/Gaming Parlor @ 101 E. Washington St.
• Village of Philo Handbook
• As Presented

New Business
• REFMC Reports
• Pro-Temp Mayor Request – John Mumma
• As Presented

Miscellaneous Discussion:

Motion to Adjourn